Looking at my family we seem like everyone else, we just have one small difference, an extra chromosome. Our son Daniel was born with Downs Syndrome, but this is just a small part of who he is, it does not define him.

As World Downs Syndrome Day approaches I want to raise awareness and combat some of the stereotypes and stigmas attached to Downs Syndrome. I want everyone else to see what our friends and family see, a happy fun loving 4 year old boy. Not a disability, but Daniel. Daniel is kind, funny, determined, cheeky and sometimes grumpy, all the things a typical 4 year old is. He loves to sing and dance, he takes centre stage at any party, he adores his family and is obsessed with Mr Tumble and Frozen.

Don’t get me wrong we’ve had our challenges and there have been some dark days and more than a few tears. But, looking back, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Daniel is perfect to us and exactly who is supposed to be, I couldn’t imagine him being any different.

He does have a developmental delay but this just makes every milestone and achievement even more remarkable. I’ll never forget the pride I felt when at 2.5 years old Daniel stood up on his own and walked unaided for the first time ever. I was overcome with emotion, crying and jumping around with joy. Every day Daniel is challenging stereotypes and proving people wrong.