Emily & Freya’s Outdoor Shoot

Family Photographer Glasgow


The photos are truly stunning, photos to truly treasure. I have had literally hundreds of friends & family comment on them on social media saying how beautiful, natural and mostly how high a quality the photos are. Danya is a complete professional and a truly amazing, talented photographer whom I cannot recommend enough!!!!

Claire McClymontNewborn Session & Outdoor Shoot
Family Photographer Glasgow - sisters

I first met Emily & Freya when they came to the studio for their brother Jude’s newborn shoot. From the moment they walked in the door I fell in love with them! Emily a little bit shy but so polite & Freya so full of sass pouting her lips and applying her favourite lipstick before she got in front of the camera! I knew I’d love photographing them and I did!

Both girls were amazing, took direction and so so beautiful to photograph! When we went for the outdoor session they exceeded my expectations! They were their usual fun, bubbly & happy selves! Their connection is amazing, and that’s what I adore capturing!

There’s something about being outdoors in the golden light that you just can’t get in the studio. The kids are more relaxed, more free.

The colours of the outdoors create a beautiful backdrop for images. The soft golden light wraps around creating a warmth and glow that lifts the pictures and makes them seem somewhat magical! There are so many options when it comes to having an outdoor shoot like choosing a special location, park, beach, field, castle etc the list is endless!

Family Photographer Glasgow - golden hour shoot
If having photographs of your family is something that has came in to your mind but you‘ve maybe pushed back, for whatever reason, I’d love to hear from you. I’m a huge believer of existing in photos, not just for us but for our children.
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