Composite Poses – The Froggy Pose | Professional Newborn Photographer Renfrewshire

Professional Photographer Renfrewshire - baby photographer froggy pose

As an experienced professional newborn photographer safety is always at the forefront of what I do. As well as ensuring your images are timeless and stunning, it is also my duty to ensure your baby is comfortable and safe during the whole experience at their newborn photo shoot.

Through my experience and extensive training I’ve learned different methods and techniques used to soothe and calm your baby to ensure the session is as relaxing as possible. I’ve also learnt to look out for things such as circulation, breathing, flexibility and temperature to name a few. Whilst all of the poses are completely safe and comfortable for baby there are things that have to be monitored and not all babies will go in to all poses. This is why it’s essential you do your homework and choose a professional photographer who specialises in newborn photography. Check out their portfolio, what experience do they have? Have they had any hands on training? Are they insured? This is just a few of the things you should start out researching before you choose the photographer that’s right for you.

A lot of the posing is very natural for babies and is similar to how they were curled up in your tummy. This is the reason we photograph babies as soon as possible as they love being tucked and curled similar to how they were in the womb. There are some poses that are advanced and require specific skills and knowledge to carry out. One in particular is what’s known as the ‘froggy pose‘ as pictured and modelled by the beautiful baby Isla above. It’s an adorable pose where the baby has his/her head resting on their hands with their little feet by their side. It shows off the baby’s face and cute little toes perfectly!

This pose is actually created by what’s known as a composite image. Basically, we take two different pictures of the baby being held in different places (pictured below) and merge them together to create one beautiful masterpiece! This pose requires your baby to be supported and held at all times. This is due to various reasons including the fact that your babies wrists are not strong enough to support their head at this stage and babies startle very easily, even if in a deep sleep. As a professional photographer it is my responsibility to ensure your baby is safe at all times when in my care. I can tell if a baby will go in to a pose or not, nothing is forced or attempted if baby is not happy. All of my sessions are completely baby led which means we go at the babies pace and if we need to stop for hugs or feeds that’s what we do.