Glasgow Cake Smash Photographer - Zak's Cake Smash

Zak’s Mum got in touch to book a 1st Birthday Photo Shoot to celebrate that special milestone for her son! During the consultation we discussed colours and themes, and eventually we came up with a Cookie Monster theme for his Cake Smash! I couldn’t wait to get my thinking cap on and get creative with his setup! I decided to keep it mainly shades of blue and a little bit of white and gold to break it up, and of course there HAD to be cookies involved! We opted for a navy Cake Smash outfit to make Zak stand out from the backdrop and tie in with the balloons and decorations in the background so it all flowed nicely.

Glasgow Cake Smash Photographer - Cookie Monster Theme

With all of my Cake Smashes I always begin with a little portrait session with the freestanding letters that spell out ‘ONE’. This is a good way to get warmed up for the session before the actual smashing of the cake and they also make for a great collage like the one pictured above. This is a good starting point for the beginning of your Cake Smash ‘story’ and perfect to use in the beginning of your album or to get printed and framed for the nursery wall.

Glasgow Cake Smash Photographer - boys cake smash shoot

Next, we move on to the fun part! It’s time to smash the cake and get messy! I must admit, Zak wasn’t as interested in the cake as he was the cookies and Cookie Monsters eyeballs! I love that every session is different, because every baby is different. Some are so full of expressions and lap up all of the attention, while others could just sit all day and nibble away at the cake which probably weighs as much as they do! Either way we each session tells it’s own story and is unique to that baby!