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Arnprior Farm

Head to Arnprior Farm this Halloween to take your pumpkin picking to a whole new level. This is more than just pumpkin picking. Do you want to do something a little different? Dig out your wellies and puddle suits, and prepare for an amazing family experience you won’t forget.

Instead of picking up pumpkins from your local supermarket, you can go for a fun filled family day out at Arnprior Farm for all your pumkin picking needs. There’s so much to keep everyone entertained – even the dog!


There’s huge bales of hay where the kids can climb and jump and roll around in the hay. Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, from as small as your hand to bigger than a small car! (okay, maybe I exaggerated that bit, but I drive a fiat 500 so felt like there were some bigger than that!) Take a walk around the maze and see if you can find your way back. Amongst all the great photo opportunities there’s also lots of fun activities such as drawing, making puppets, face painting, snack vans (and even a gin bar). If you want to be super festive then try some of their pumpkin flavoured soups, drinks and treats!

The Quad Pods

The quad pods are an excellent finish to the day (I recommend doing these last as the kids end up covered in mud!) The kids have so much fun being driven a short ride on the farm land in their own pod with their own horns.

Arnprior have literally thought of everything when it comes to making the experience great. It’s so well organised, packed full of fun and lots of friendly staff on site to guide you. They even have wellies to hire incase you forget yours (trust me, you’ll need them). A hose to wash down your wellies or dogs. They even have wheelbarrows to carry your pumpkins to the car and they wash them off for you before you leave.

If you want to see what we got up to then head over to my instagram stories, Ive saved the day out on our highlights.

Arnprior Farm pumpkin picking is the ultimate Halloween experience. We had the best day and it will now be an annual event of ours. For more information visit

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