Lockdown Birth at the RAH Paisley

lockdown birth at the rah

Wondering what a lockdown birth at the RAH, Paisley will be like? Here Kirstin shares her story with other parents to be.

lockdown birth at the rah paisley
baby born in the royal alexendra hospital

Birth’s at the Royal Alexandra Hospital have soared recently during lockdown. With all the media hype around the strict rules put in place recently there was understandably a lot of worried and anxious parents to be.

I created a support group called Pregnancy & Parenting (West Scotland) where parents and parents to be could share their recent birthing stories. Members have been sharing their positive experiences and easing any concerns that others might have.

Baby Harris

New Mum Kirstin who recently gave birth during the pandemic shared her experience with us and described it as a “memorable experience”. Her post had lots of happy comments stating that it had helped settled nerves. I asked Kirstin if she’d be happy to answer some questions for me to share on my blog and here’s what she had to say.

paisley maternity unit

How did you feel when lockdown was announced knowing you’d be giving birth soon? Did you have to change any of your plans?

I was a little worried, we didn’t know any information on what was happening in the maternity unit regarding Covid-19. We didn’t know if my husband was going to be allowed to come to scans etc at that point. One thing of my birthing plan had to change, and that was that my husband wasn’t able to be with me during my section as due to lockdown, parents health and parents still at work we had nobody to watch our other children.

lockdown birth at the rah paisley

baby born by section during lockdown in paisley's royal alexandra hospital

How was the support from midwives and other professionals during this time? Did they help ease any worries you had?

The support from Midwives was absolutely amazing. From the moment I arrived at the recovery ward before my section. I was greeted warmly and always kept informed by each member of the multi disciplinary team about what was going to happen. When I informed them I was having my section without my partner my midwife reassured me that herself and the team would look after me the whole time. I was pretty scared as I’d had two previous emergency sections. My first which was particularly a very bad and scary experience. The staff held my hand and chatted to me throughout. They stroked my hair when my blood pressure dropped, causing me to be sick. And kept me calm when I got nervous. The anaesthetic nurse took tons of pictures as soon as my son arrived, and one of him next to me on the table so my husband could see them. Up in the ward the staff continued to be amazing by supporting me, talking to me, helping me with feeding him during the night so I could rest.

lockdown birth at RAH 

baby born in royal alexandra hospital, paisley.

How was your experience compared to what you thought it would be?

It was 100 times better than I thought. At first, I was so scared about coming out on my own lockdown family bubble and into unknown virus territory.The thought of sharing a room with others was scary after social distancing for so long, but was absolutely fine due to the cleanliness of the ward and staff wearing appropriate PPE and good hand hygiene.Not once was I apprehensive when in the ward. I was scared about going through the section without my husband, but not once did I feel alone.

What advice would you give to those preparing to give birth during lockdown?

My advice is don’t get yourself worked up worrying, as it’s actually a really pleasant experience. Although you’re not allowed visitors it’s nice chatting to the other girls in your room and sharing experiences and advice. My ain advice would be to take plenty of snacks as the meals are awful and due to not having visitors coming you can’t get anything brought in.

How is life with a newborn during lockdown?

It’s hard at times. Not being able to see our parents who are big active roles in our kids daily lives, them not being able to hold their new grandson or help watch the other two kids. I was worried about midwives and health visitors coming in to the house but it’s been fine as they all have PPE on and I make sure kids are out the way when they’re in. Although it’s sad that no family have been able to visit, it’s also been nice to have all the time to spend with my baby and adjust my wee family to the new addition. Also, you don’t need to make sure your house is immaculate and you don’t need to worry about getting yourself presentable for visitors when you just want to stay in your pj’s most of the day!

If you or someone you know has recently given birth and would like to share their experience with others please get in touch via social media or email.

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