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Five Stars!

“I had a FaceTime shoot with Danya during the Covid pandemic. With being in lockdown I felt I’d missed out on showing off my growing bump and wanted something I could look back on. Im awkward in front of a camera so this was right out of my comfort zone but Danya was great. She’s very down to earth and quickly put me at ease. She even managed to persuade my husband to get involved and we got some great pictures and had a laugh at the same time. Thank you Danya!”
Lorraine Noble, Carluke. (member of Pregnancy & Parenting Support group)

glasgow facetime shoot

About the FaceTime Shoot

I must admit I was so nervous when I first launched the FaceTime photo shoots. Since going in to lockdown I just completely lost my mojo. Having not been able to go to my studio and do my regular sessions I just kinda gave up in the hope it would all go back to normal soon.

I have felt a little lost with in all honesty. Would it ever get back to normal? What will ‘normal’ be when this is all over? The pandemic has had a massive impact on my business. I have no idea how my business will survive after this, but I’m keeping hope.

So, I’d seen the FaceTime photo shoot starting to trend in America and thought ‘how cool!’ I loved that technology was allowing people to still capture beautiful moments and allow photographers to remain creative.

Of course, I had doubt. As with any new venture it’s always a risk that people won’t take to it. I wondered if it would be well received in Britain as it had in America. Us Brit’s are known for being a little more shy when it comes to things like this. A lot of people struggle to even FaceTime their friends and family let alone a total stranger! And even more so they hate being photographed. So, here I am, offering to FaceTime total strangers, pose and direct them while taking photos, and I absolutely love it!

Today’s session with Lorraine and Paul was lovely. Lorraine messaged me last night stating that she was due on Monday and wondered if it was too late to book in. I replied wittingly ‘not unless you give birth tonight!’ Which, in reality, was a possibility. So, we scheduled the session for 2 o’clock the next day.

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Lorraine and Paul’s shoot

Lorraine let me know she was a bit camera shy and her hubby wasn’t really feeling the idea (like most men usually are). However, after a couple of minutes of chatting Lorraine eased in to the session and blew me away. I managed to have a chat with Paul and talk him round to going in a few pictures and I’m over the moon he did. The connection between them both is heart warming.

Paul got his guitar out and played a little song, which I know he secretly loved. I then used some prompts to get them laughing and create more of a natural expression for them both.

The gave me a virtual tour of their home and we chose the best spots for the pictures. Sometimes Paul was my camera man, then other times we had to sit the phone up on it’s own. In fact, at one point it was stuck to a cardboard box sitting on a chair, really technical stuff!

I’m sure you will agree that their pictures turned out beautiful, and it will be a tale to tell their little one in years to come.

I wish you both all the best on the safe arrival of your little one & your journey in to parenthood. Thank you so much for choosing me to be a small part of your pregnancy journy.

– Danya x

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