Newborn Photography Training Glasgow - baby wearing floral tieback

Last month I opened up my studio to some fellow photographers for some newborn photography training to learn the art of wrapping and settling babies for newborn photography. We had two adorable models for the day, Harris & Ava. The workshop focused on various wrapping techniques, safely wrapping for specific newborn poses, how to wrap to settle babies, working with awake babies & how to get the most out of your session by creating variety in your galleries. Some of the poses covered include the potato sack, pretzel & egg wrap as pictured below. The main thing I wanted the photographers to take away from this workshop was confidence. The confidence in knowing that they could work with any baby no matter how unsettled or awake they were and still be able to create stunning shots to give their clients. The confidence to know they can carry out advanced poses like the potato sack safely and carefully.

It’s important as a newborn photographer that you’re confident in your work, practice and methods. Your clients are trusting you with the most precious thing they have, their baby! Make sure they know they’ve made the right decision in choosing you to handle their baby & create those special shots while keeping the safety of the baby paramount at all times. This might sound like common knowledge and a bit silly to point out, but trust me it’s a lot harder than it looks. All you have to do is take to Pinterest to find some ‘nailed it’ shots to see the difference between a professional and someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing!