Okay, so you’ve just had a baby, you’ve got the mobile out and had a nice family picture taken, awesome! Now what will you do with it? Post it on Facebook? Save it as your screensaver? Maybe even get a mobile phone cover made out of it? That’s great, I’m sure in years to come your children would rather scroll through Facebook (or whatever the latest trending social media site is) so they can look at pictures of when they were born, won’t they?

One of my favourite childhood memories is going through to visit my Gran and looking through pages and pages of albums, touching the pictures, laughing at the old haircuts and clothes they used to wear in the ‘olden days’, cringing at the outfit I had on that looked as though they’d just taken an old pair of curtains and wrapped them round me! (Thanks for that Mum!) I’d spend hours looking through the pictures, laughing with my siblings and cousins, remembering all those funny times we had together as a family, pictures of me with my grans rollers in my hair, or playing dress up in her shoes right up to when I graduated.

These are real, precious memories we will never get back and already seems a lifetime ago! I’m so grateful to be able to have these to look back at forever. This is why I fell in love with photography. Life just passes us by so quick and before you know it all you’re left with are memories, so why not capture them and cherish them forever? Now, I for one couldn’t put a price on these memories. If my house burnt down and I could only grab one thing after everyone was out safe it wouldn’t be my phone or my laptop, it would be my pictures. Everything else can be replaced but how can you replace these?

Take the picture below for example, lovely family image isn’t it? It’s that and so much more. It’s the time my nephew was a newborn baby, when my brother became a Dad, Danielle a Mum, and the three of them a family. You can see the emotion & connection they all have, its beautiful. You can also see the scar on my brothers chest from when he had major heart surgery, a time we’ll never forget and has made us all so grateful to have him here with us. A picture is worth so much more than the paper it’s printed on.

Some people are happy enough with a mobile picture of their family and that’s their prerogative, others value these precious images and hire a professional photographer to do the job. They would pay hundreds or even thousands (yes, that’s right, thousands) of pounds to capture these family portraits. Some might think they’re crazy for wanting to spend that much, they’d rather spend the money on designer clothes, hair extensions, weekends away or nights out. Fair enough, everyone has different values and what’s important to one means nothing to the next person. I mean some might think £500 for a pair of designer shoes is worth it but  ‘£500 for a photographer! Are you kidding me?‘ Well let me ask you this. Are you really going to look back in years to come wishing you’d bought more designer shoes, had more extensions or designer clothes? Will you sit with your child going through a memory box of designer labels showing them just how well dressed you all were? No. But, I can guarantee that as your children grow, family members pass on and all you’re left with are distant memories, you would pay anything to have photographs or those precious times.

The difference with hiring a professional photographer & having mobile pictures (besides the cost, but we’ll go in to that another day) is that mobile pictures stay on your phone and are poor quality. High quality professional images can be printed, put on canvas, hung on your walls and remain there for years to come. They are a part of growing generations in your family and are cherished forever.

I constantly hear from mothers how they regret not having had a newborn photoshoot, or family’s who wish they had more pictures with grandparent’s etc. Life gets in the way and passes us by so fast, it’s important to capture these memories while you still have the chance.

You will never regret having professional pictures taken, but you  might regret not having them.

Mum Dad and Baby laughing
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