As a Mum I know how important it is to want the best of the best for our children, especially when it comes to investments that are going to be with you forever, and photography is no exception.

I also realise how confusing and hard it can be when trying to find the rightphotographer near you. You ask for recommendations for a baby photographer on Facebook and there are hundreds of photographers being tagged and recommended, you take to Google and begin to search ‘baby photographer near me’ ‘newborn photographer near Glasgow’ or ‘best baby photographer Glasgow’ and again there’s pages and pages of photographers in your area. How do you know which one to go for?

The first thing people usually want to know is how much a baby photo session will cost, and surprise surprise this vary’s greatly across the board. If you go on price alone you may be sorely disappointed.

Baby Photographer Glasgow

When trying to find the rightphotographer for you, especially one who’s going to create such preciousmemories you’ll want to treasure forever, it’s important to love that persons work as that is what you’re going to be left with. Baby’s change so quick, especially in the first few months, so it’s importantto pick a photographer who is going to capture those tiny details and is trainedin handling your baby and knows how to pose them safely.

For me the safety of a baby is paramount at all times during a shoot. I’ve worked with many photographers and attended baby posing workshops with some of the U.K’s leading newborn photography trainers, and will continue to do so throughout my career.

Many people that think because you’re a photographer you can photograph anything. This is simply not the case. Professional photographers know how to work camera’s, use light, know different light patterns and what will fit their subject amongst many other things. But there are many different genre’s of photography and the photographer you choose should specialise in the field you are looking for. For example newborn baby photography is completely different from wedding photography or family photography. If you choose a newborn specialist photographer this means that they are experiencedtrained & equipped to photograph your baby safely and produce quality high standard professional images.

Baby Photographer near Glasgow

My studio is fully equipped with a range of high end professional equipment, as well as props, backdrops and all the essentials you’ll need for your newborn photo shoot. It is located in Paisley town centre which is within easy driving distance of GlasgowGreenock and excellent transport links and motorway access for West Central Scotland. Many of my clients travel from outside Paisley and Glasgow and as far as Edinburgh for their newborn session.

As i mentioned above, if you are looking for a baby photographer near you the most important thing is to love their style. Once you’ve searched ‘baby photographer near Glasgow’ you should then look at the photographers website, do you like their pictures? Do they have a studio or work from home? Are they within travel distance of you? What do you love about their work? This is all questions you should be asking yourself before going any further. You should also have a think about what you want from the session wether it be digital files on USB, some lovely wall art or prints. What’s the most important thing for you to get out of this shoot? Is it a family shot or a stunning sibling shot? Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few that you’d be happy to go with either talk to them on the phone or email so that you get a feel of who they are. It’s important for me to ‘click‘ with the family’s I meet (no pun intended). I like to connect with my clients and really be part of the experience. If you’re going to sit in a room for a few hours and hand your baby over to someone you want it to be with someone you trust and like.

Baby Photographer near Glasgow

You may find you like two or three and would be happy to go with either of those, so you look at your budget and who you can afford. Photography is a luxury item and an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Research your photographer, look at their portfolio and client feedback. Is their work consistent? Are they experienced or trained in the field of photography you are looking for? Will they deliver?


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you’ve found this information helpful in your search for finding a baby photographer near you & get the experience and pictures your precious baby deserves.

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