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When I was pregnant with my son there was not a chance I would have entertained the thought of posing in front of a camera. I had awful morning sickness right through, the worst back ache and heartburn you could imagine. I was as white as a ghost and felt like I was having the life sucked out of me the bigger I got. But the biggest thing that would have stopped me was that I just didn’t feel confident. I didn’t think I was beautiful.

Now, looking back, I’d give anything to have a few beautiful pictures of my husband and I. It’s a time we will never ever get back and can’t recreate. Even though I felt awful during the pregnancy, as soon as we had our son I missed my bump. That feeling of your little baby growing inside you, about to become a family for the first time and the mystery of what lies ahead is something you can’t get back. For many women you might only be pregnant once or a couple of times in your whole life! It’s a beautiful experience that should be celebrated and enjoyed for what it is.

So, that being said, I’m going to give you some more reasons why you should have a maternity photo shoot!

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1 – You are beautiful!

You, yes you! You are beautiful! I know you might not feel it now but trust me, pregnancy is one of the most wonderful ‘stages’ of your life that you’ll go through. You’ll look back one day and miss the feeling of carrying your child inside of you and feeling those little kicks. It really is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can go through. At your shoot we’ll use the most flattering gowns and dresses that will compliment your ever growing bump. I’ll use professional lighting techniques and pose you in a way that accentuates your curves, and shoot you from all the right angles. So there’s no need to worry about double chins or wobbly bits, I’ve got little tips and tricks that will hide all of this!

2 – it’s ‘YOU’ time!

It’s a chance for you to pamper yourself for the day. Book in to have your hair and makeup done professionally. Spoil yourself, you deserve it. Once you have yourself all glammed up we’ll take beautiful pictures of you looking a million dollars! You can then organise dinner with the girls or a date with your partner afterwards, make the most of it! Once the baby arrives you won’t have much time to have a full day just for you, enjoy it while you can.

3 – get your partner involved

It’s such an exciting time for everyone involved. The shoot is a great chance for you and your partner to catch up together and to give them the opportunity to get involved in the pregnancy and bond. You are about to become a family and there are it’s such an emotional time. You’re about to enter the journey in to parenthood together, take the chance to have some time out and do something that’s about both of you.


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4 – involve your children

If you already have children this is the perfect opportunity to involve them in the pregnancy. I often hear from Mums that they feel guilty about having another baby and don’t want their other child to feel left out. At the maternity shoot this is a great chance to big up their role as big brother or big sister and get them excited about what’s happening and make it about them rather than just the baby.


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5 – a style that suits you

Choose style that suits you. When you’re ready to book I’ll give you a call to chat and find out about you. Would you like relaxed natural shots on the bed, or would you prefer the romantic styled posed shots? Perhaps you want something a bit more intimate and to strip it all back (excuse the pun) and have some skin shots? Maybe you’d like to get creative and have ideas of your own? What about hiring your favourite hotel for the night and having a shoot done there then carrying on your stay for the night? Do you have a favourite location that you both love that’s like your own little ‘place’? There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to maternity photographs and I absolutely love getting creative so we’ll work together to create the most special maternity photographs that fit with you and reflect your personal taste.

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