glasgow photographer - mother and son

As a newborn and child photographer I’m constantly surrounded by Mum’s who are more than reluctant to get in front of the camera with their family. As a Mum myself, I’m even more aware of the reasons why. Pretty much across the board it’s the same feelings of insecurity, not feeling important enough, self-conscious about their weight or the way they look, the list goes on…

Well, what if I told you that nobody see’s you the way you do. You are your own worst critic and will always notice the flaws in yourself. You see things that nobody else would even notice, and the things you dislike are what your children, partner and family love about you. They’re you’re unique features that make you you!

Do you ever look back on pictures of you as a child with your Mum and notice how messy her hair is? Or that she isn’t wearing any makeup? Would you rather you didn’t have any pictures of your Mum from you childhood? No. No you wouldn’t, and neither do your children. Your children don’t care what kind of clothes you’re wearing, if your hair is sitting perfect or that you have a double chin (or chins in my case). They just see their beautiful mother, the one who tucks them in at night and takes care of them when they’re sick and that’s who they want to look back and remember.

I recently had a conversation with a Mum at a newborn shoot who told me she didn’t feel comfortable with they way she looked but wanted to get a picture with her new precious baby because her own Mum had passed away and she had no pictures of her from her childhood. None. My heart broke a little inside when I heard this and it reminded me that my son barely has any of us, and why? Because of how I feel about me.

But he feels completely different about me, and it’s his memories I’m taking away from him.

We need to do these things for ourselves as much as for our children. It’s time for us to start loving ourself’s and seeing how much we are really worth.So this is a reminder to myself and all the other Mum’s out there who don’t feel they’re worth it. You are. To them you are absolutely everything and more. Your family want to look back and see you! Just like you love looking back and seeing your Mum, or wish that you could. This is your children’s memories and what they’ll have to look back on and remember their childhood, and more importantly they’ll want to look back and see you! Because let me tell you something. You are important. You make a whole lot of difference to the world every day even if you don’t recognise it yourself. You are beautiful, kind, warm and giving. You put your family first and do what you can to give them the best in life. You deserve to be celebrated, treasured & remembered in photographs as much as you are in real life.