Sibling pictures – the magic behind the photo

glasgow baby photographer - brother and sister composite

glasgow baby photographer - sibling shot

Look at this picture of little Harry and his new baby sister Jessica, isn’t it sweet? I’m often asked by parents if they can include their other children in their newborn shoot, and of course they are always welcome at the studio. We’ll make some time at the end of your newborn shoot and have a friend or relative bring big brother/sister along to have some portraits of their own.

Parents are often worried that their child might not co-operate or sit for a picture, especially if they are still small themselves. Having worked with children all of my life, and in my career as a photographer, I have picked up little tips and tricks that can help ease the situation. As a parent I know that my child is more likely to listen to a stranger than they are to me at times, so I generally ask parents to sit back while I take control and use some of my techniques. Of course kids will be kids, and if they are determined not to do something then there’s almost no way you can make them. Almost

The sweet picture above is not all it appears to be. Harry is just over a year old, so too young to hold his sister and not at the age where he can really process and understand what we are asking of him. At this age kids moods can change faster than the weather. Taking in to account how unpredictable children of this age can be I find it best to create composite images. Safety is my top priority when it comes to photographing babies and children so this is always at the forefront of any decisions I make.

As you can see from the camera images below, I took a shot of Harry on his own and merged it with an image of Jessica on her own to create the final edit.

glasgow baby photographer - brother and sister composite


And there you have it, the perfect sibling shot that Mum will treasure forever.


Below you can watch a before & after of what went in to creating the image in post.

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